EvolvHealth Review – Is it Really just Bottled Water?

Trey White was also involved with Homestore.com which eventually merged with Realtor.com and TKR Capital, a private equity firm headquartered in Dallas, Texas.

His latest venture is as Founder and Chairman of EvolvHealth.  EvolvHealth has acquired the rights to market the Intellectual Property trademarked “Archaea Active” which describes the formula, manufacturing process and science behind Evolv products (Archaea refers to the group of single-celled microorganisms that are the simplest form of life).

Evolv claims that it’s natural spring water that has been infused with Archea Active and that consuming their product will lead to increased energy ,stamina, and endurance.  The water comes at a cost of $55 per case of 24 bottles.

Evolv  has introduced a new line of products to their Evolv water and Evolv gel offerings. As a result of their acquisition of XOWii last month, Evolv Health has made the XOWii products available to their customers and distributors.

These include weight management shakes and powders, an energy drink, and liquid nutritional supplements. As with the Evolv Health products, these products are all natural. High quality ingredients have been used to maximize the effectiveness and provide additional benefits.

So it remains to be seen if EvolvHealth will takes its place at the top of the health and wellness segment of network marketing.  It appears they are aggressive in growing their business and are at ease using technology and social media to reach their potential customers and reps.

At over $2.00 a bottle, there should be plenty of room to load up the compensation plan.

The compensation plan is a hybrid binary with matching bonuses up to 100%.  There are also the ever popular fast start bonuses on first orders up to 25% to 3 generations; and coded bonuses to infinity.  Binaries can be very lucrative, but may have their drawbacks as well.

I  would classify this company as a small ticket company which means their entry level is relatively low.  This will require you to recruit more reps into your organization, but keeps the opportunity cost within reach of more potential reps.

A company like Evolv would likely be difficult to achieve success with unless the opportunity was marketed creatively online.  Fortunes truly are being made every day in companies just like this, by 6 and 7 figure earners who know there is more to network marketing than bugging your friends and family.

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