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mlspIf you have been searching the internet for a marketing technique that will help you do some marketing online I’m certain you may have come across My Lead System Pro. If not then I want to provide you my critique on MLSP.

There are a lot of people looking for the magical solution to their online or network marketing problems. You know the secret factor or formula that has made a lot of success for a multitude of online network marketers. The only obstacle with that is that it doesn’t exist and a lot of people will have to come to terms with that.

Even though MLSP is an positive system that will help you achieve wonderful success and prepare you along the way, it is not the ultimate solution! The part of the plan that makes it all operate is you!

How Can MLSP Be good for You?

One of the ways MLSP can be good for you is to help you establish leads. Now before I get into talking relating to leads I just want to clear something up. MLSP is a method that will show you mainly how to brand yourself as an industry leader and it uses attraction marketing techniques to do this.

With that said, creating or producing leads becomes an easier function. So why generate your own leads? For one you need leads to grow your organization. You need to target people that are looking to go into your business to make an exceeding lifestyle for them and their family.

Another purpose is that if you are able to build high value targeted leads using 12 miscellaneous lead making systems on auto pilot, why wouldn’t you? I remembered when I first did some online marketing; we had to purchase our so call “hot” leads at about $110 a pop. Now that was insane but I did it because my upline said that was the way to build your organization. He also said that those were leads ready to team up with my opportunity.

Not knowing any better I ended spending over $7000 on leads and only signed up 2 supervisors that in the long run didn’t do nothing because they would have had to do what I did. So to make a long story short I wasted a lot of money on a plan that was not duplicable and very costly.

Now if I had MLSP at that time I would have certainly saved a lot of money, generated a lot of leads, and would have supplied my downline with a strategy that is duplicable. anybody can use it and it is very cheap considering the magnitude of value that it provides.

Using MLSP will also teach You how to thrive from Many Marketing Strategies

MLSP has a coaching library available for you to in due time have the information to practice many various marketing strategies and all by following a step by step training that is accessible in your back office.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to get detailed training, along with video, on how to completely set up each process? Of course it would! Not only does MLSP provide that coaching but the coaching is provided by the top marketers who have proven the effectiveness of the marketing process time after time.

Here are the several different kinds of strategies that you will receive coaching on in the MLSP system: Facebook Marketing, Video Marketing, PayPerClick Marketing, Blogging, LinkedIn Marketing, Keyword Research, ListBuilders, Ezine / Solo Ads, Free Classifieds, Forum Marketing, Content / Article Marketing, and MySpace Marketing.

Now you might say well I like doing offline network marketing, I actually don’t want to do online marketing. Well guess what, there is also coaching for offline conventional marketing. So just like Prego, it’s in there!

There is also coaching accessible in attraction marketing, mindset, and motivation. The list goes on and on.

Now to the Downside of MLSP

I have been mentioning all the fantastic things concerning MLSP but there is sort of a problem to all this. It also depends on how you look at it. It can be a downside for some but for others it can also be an opportunity to get out of their comfort zone and learn something new.

MLSP is somewhat of a plug and play strategy but you still need to set it up, meaning that you will have to get into the plan and start putting in your domain names and set up your capture pages and so on.

Now the excellent thing is that you don’t have to establish your capture page but just put the various elements the way you would want your prospects to see them. I am being very basic here; you would have to go into the system to get a feel of how it works.

So you have two options, you can continue searching for the magic solution or you can roll up your sleeves, get to work, enhance yourself, and grow your company by producing your own leads for pennies on the dollar or even for free.

Another thing that I didn’t discussed even if your leads do not associate with your primary opportunity you can still generate profit due to the funded presentation for action that MLSP provides. As your leads team up with MLSP you will earn profit. As your leads are offered and buy alternative marketing training material that you are affiliated with you will earn profit. Also as your leads get on your list, they are your leads not MLSP leads. As they express the funds is in the group. So you will definitely be in a win/win position.

I guess as far as the downside to it all, there isn’t much unless you don’t want to learn how to use a process that will benefit you and your organization. Now you might have to learn a thing or two concerning the internet but that is also incorporated in the system.

Now you can check out other systems out there to determine if they can be in the same class as to MLSP. I know you will see that MLSP is on the cutting edge. But you don’t have to take my word for it. Check it out for yourself.

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