PrePaid Legal Services – Legitimate business opportunity or is it a scam?

Pre Paid Legal Services’ predecessor company began in 1972 after founder Harland C. Stonecipher lost his life savings paying attorney fees after a car accident in which he was declared not to be at fault yet was sued anyway by the party at fault. In 1983, the company went public and has been serving its members in Canada and the United States ever since.

Pre Paid Legal offers its members legal services from law firms throughout the country for a monthly fee of $36 or less depending on the group of services you choose to purchase. It also offers a home-based business opportunity to those members who choose to market the company for a one time initial fee of $250 or less. Business owners can also offer Prepaid Legal’s services to their employees as an employee benefit through payroll deduction.

The company provides the following services:

  • Living Will, Power of Attorney, etc. preparation
  • Identity Theft Protection-
  • Credit Restoration Services
  • Small Business Legal consultation
  • Contract Review by a Legal Professional
  • Citation Assistance for Commercial Drivers
  • Legal Consultation for Families

The company has had issues with the SEC and FTC in the past, as well as involvement in law suits against the company by former customers, but it has resolved those issues and remained cooperative in doing so. Pre Paid Legal was scheduled to merge with OceanPartners in the summer of 2011 which would cause the company to become privately held.  They were ranked 78 out of the top 100 best companies in America by Forbes magazine in November of 2010.

Pre Paid Legal Services is correct when it says it offers services that people need and value without causing them to spend excessive amounts in attorney fees.  Obviously they are a very solid company and offer a solid product.  The problem for the average distributor is that these services have low profit margins and you need to make sure you thoroughly understand what amounts, if any, you have to pay back if the people you sign up stop their monthly membership.

This is one of the key areas that you need to take a look at in any network marketing business.  There has to be big enough margins in the product or service, otherwise you will find yourself having to recruit thousands of customers and reps in order to achieve your goals of full time income.

There’s no doubt that several PrePaid Legal reps have made it to the top and are enjoying  5 and even 6 figure monthly incomes.  Repeating this feat would be difficult for most Pre Paid Legal reps if not for the power of online marketing.

Success with Pre Paid Legal Services, Inc. would be much easier to achieve with a proven online marketing system which brings warm leads in on a daily basis.  Online marketers can generate unlimited warm leads who are interested in their opportunity, and it’s all reproducible for anyone downline.  Can you imagine your email inbox being full of leads? 

Are you tired of chasing friends and family to show them your business and of approaching total strangers just in hopes of getting a business card from them?  If so then check out my website where you can get free training on how I set up a system exactly like I talked about above.  Your business will never be the same!

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